Betta Fish Tanks!

Betta fish tanks are one of the most special things to care for when you are keeping betta! After all, it will be a sweet little home for a betta fish for his/her entire life span when you will buy it and keep it in your home! You need to be very careful when you start keeping bettas because of their aggressive nature and if you made a mistake in setting up a tank for them, it is full of hassle life for your betta in that tank!

Bettas are very colorful and considered to be the ideal pet fish especially if you are a beginner at keeping pet fish. Betta fish is often marketed as goldfish. Unlike goldfish, betta fish is a carnivore and likes to eat a high protein diet, it has a hyperactive nature which makes him aggressive and not suitable to live with bettas of the same gender in near surroundings.

As you know that male betta cannot live with another male betta fish but many female bettas can live with one betta fish! But we have to be careful in this situation as well because male bettas have the nature to tease female bettas so you need to keep an eye on them at the time of breeding especially!

These were the reasons which made me write some knowledgable facts which people don’t talk about normally so that every one of you could care for your betta in a proper way and keep it happy and healthy.

Read the answers to the following queries asked by most of the betta owners or the ones who want to keep them and make your betta’s life more secure!

What is a betta fish tank?

Betta fish tank is a container in which bettas are kept with at least 2.5 gallons of water. To keep a betta fish healthy and happy you need to keep him in a large enough tank so that he could kill the water waves! ☺

What size betta fish tank should be?

The best tank for betta fish has the size in the range of 2 to 5 gallons. A 5 Gallon tank is very large enough and ideal to keep betta fish as it serves all needs of a betta fish. However, if you ran out of time or money, you can keep your betta fish in 1-gallon tank but this option is not suitable for a long period of time because it could stress out your betta fish.

Why is my betta fish tank slime?

The main reason for developing slime on the walls of the betta fish tank is overfeeding. If you feed very often a betta fish it does not eats all the food provided and the leftovers make it easy to develop algae in the water tank. Not cleaning betta fish tank every week makes the growth of slime even faster and that is the time when your betta fish enters into an alarming situation.  Changes the 70% water of your betta’s tank every week to avoid any critical situation.

Why does my betta fish tank smell?

The reasons for the smell in betta fish tanks are

  1. Excess Amount of Food
  2. Tank not cleaned as required
  3. Water Bacteria has been developed in the tank

All of the points mentioned above are the main causes of a betta fish tank to develop a stinky smell or like rotten eggs. Remember if your tank smells like Sulphur or rotten eggs it means that very dangerous bacteria has been generated in the water so, immediately changes shift your betta fish into any other container with water and cleans the entire tank thoroughly and then shift your betta back. If this does not help, please look for medical assistance.

Why is my betta fish tank Cloudy?

When a betta fish is kept in a water tank the slight cloudiness will develop after 2 or 4 days which is not unhealthy and it gets clear on its own. However, if you are giving an extra amount of food to your little betta then it would cause the growth of bacteria which develops unhealthy clouds. To avoid this situation change the water every weak!

Do betta fish tank need air pumps?

No, they do not need an air pump in order to breathe properly. Bettas an also known as Labyrinth fish, they can breath very easily by the help of gills, even betta can take oxygen from the surface of the water as well

Do betta fish tank need a lid?

Yes, in case of betta fish you would definitely need a lid to cover the tank as bettas have the habit to jump and break out their home. Other animals like cat or dog can also be harmful to your betta so it is very necessary to cover the tank.

Do betta fish tank need a filter?

No, betta fish has a very brilliant respiratory system so they can breathe very easily and do not require a filter for this purpose.

How often to clean a betta fish tank?

In order to keep betta fish neat & clean, happy and healthy you need to be very careful while maintaining their aquarium life. Change 50-70% of the water every week and if you see any of the algae or the tank smell like Sulphur/ rotten eggs or anything like stinky then shift your little one into any other bowl with water for some time and change the water, clean the whole tank and the decoratives as well.

The unpublished knowledge about the betta fish tanks is written to answer every possible query in a keen betta keeper’s mind. I have tried my best to guide you guys in a way in which you will be highly capable to take care of your betta properly. I hope you do not have any ambiguity after reading the guide, but still if you have any questions for me, pop them in the comment section below and I’ll e happy to answer you!

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